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Legal Jesus

And on the third day, he blawged again.

I’ll point you to this, without comment, but with music video (after the jump):

IT WAS definitely a first. A dozen lawyers sat in the Federal Court and watched a six-foot-four Belgian as he was passed a Vegemite sandwich and poured a pair of frothy beers.

Toes tapped and grins spread across otherwise dour faces as music videos and recordings of the hit song Down Under were played on large screens.

Not laughing was Australian music legend Colin Hay, whose band’s authorship of the song that made them stars is being challenged.

Larrikin Music, which owns the copyright to the song Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree, alleges Men at Work pinched its famous flute ”hook” from their children’s folk tune, written in 1934 by teacher Marion Sinclair.

Larrikin is suing the band and record company EMI for backdated royalties – including licence fees from Qantas advertisements and the film Finding Nemo – and a share of future profits.


At issue will be whether Men at Work copied a substantial part of Kookaburra, counsel for Larrikin, Richard Lancaster, SC, said.



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