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Legal Jesus

And on the third day, he blawged again.

  1. Wait, it’s a conflict of interest to bang out your client’s wife?  Hahahaha.  +The Volokh Conspiracy+
  2. Judge tosses a lawsuit against comedienne Sundra Croonquist who insulted her sister-in-law and mother-in-law with “false, defamatory, and racist lies.”    Unfortunately for Croonquist, although her act is not defamation, it’s not funny either. +Lawyers and Settlements+
  3. The Texas Board of Education is at it again — this time they’re trying to rid social study text books of all that pro-Islamic/anti-Christian hokum.  How else to explain that we elected a Muslim president?! +Houston Chronicle+
  4. Don’t Mess with Texas Attorney Email Addresses! For some reason, there’s a law in Texas that “provides that the e-mail address of a person licensed to practice law in this state may not be disclosed to the public if the person to whom the information relates notifies the State Bar in writing or electronically, on a form provided by the Bar, that he or she chooses to restrict public access to that information” — woo whee!  I sure no one looks at the firm websites where those email addresses are listed! +Tex Parte Blog+
  5. No, it’s not an illegal pat search if a cop is just helping you pull your pants back up.  Classic judicial quote: “Perhaps [Breci] decided to raise Wiggins’ pants to afford him a bit of dignity regardless of her planned search,” [Judge] Ross wrote in the opinion. “Or perhaps she wanted to avoid the risk of contacting his genitalia through his underwear during her pat-search.” +Minneapolis Star Tribune+ via +How Appealing+

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