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Legal Jesus

And on the third day, he blawged again.

Yeah, I don’t get it either…but here are their top three MOST EXCITING Supreme Court cases of the upcoming term:

3. Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy v. Stewart: “Does the Eleventh Amendment prohibit an independent state agency established to protect individuals with disabilities from suing state officials in federal court to obtain a court order requiring the officials to comply with federal law?”

2. Skinner v. Switzer: “When a convicted prisoner wishes to sue a state to obtain access to biological evidence for DNA testing, is he required to file a habeas petition or can he file a civil rights suit instead?”

1. Connick v. Thompson: “Can a prosecutor’s office be held liable for the illegal conduct of one of its prosecutors, on the theory that the office failed to adequately train its employees, when there has been only one violation resulting from that deficient training?”


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