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And on the third day, he blawged again.

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From the Montreal Gazette via HowAppealing:

Internet ruling that could ‘break the web’ among Supreme Court dockets. In its first direct look at the legal rules governing the Internet, the Supreme Court of Canada will consider this fall whether the common practice of hyperlinking can expose a writer to a lawsuit.  The nine-member bench will also consider whether you can consent to sex when you’re voluntarily choked unconscious and whether the public has the right to know about the daily comings and goings of the prime minister. The cases are among two dozen appeals on a busy autumn docket, which gets underway next week following relatively sparse winter and spring terms.”

We finally might get that perv Scalia interested in using foreign case law!


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Check this story from the NYTimes art section about the superheroes and lawyer-related comic books on display at Yale University’s law library.  A few other superlegal covers at the NYTimes site, too.

I’ll point you to this, without comment, but with music video (after the jump):

IT WAS definitely a first. A dozen lawyers sat in the Federal Court and watched a six-foot-four Belgian as he was passed a Vegemite sandwich and poured a pair of frothy beers.

Toes tapped and grins spread across otherwise dour faces as music videos and recordings of the hit song Down Under were played on large screens.

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Yes, that’s all we lawyers think about.

Just catching up on some DVR’ed shows.   Parks & Recreation, written/produced by everyone’s favorite Fremulon Insurance agent, takes a stab at a truism about lawyers: we suck and we’re super anal.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Lawsuits and Law and Legalese“, posted with vodpod



ESPN v. Deadspin.

“The Worldwide Leader in Sports” v. “Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion.”

It was an ugly week, and at least Deadspin lived up to it’s subtitular reputation…  For those of you not paying attention, Deadspin editor, AJ Daulerio had received a tip in early September that Steve Phillips, a former (bad) Mets GM and current (bad) ESPN baseball analyst,  had been caught with his pants down, shtupping a production assistant from ESPN.  When Daulerio ran this tip by ESPN, the WWLIS denied the rumor and denied that Phillips would be disciplined.  Turns out that was a lie; the NY Post ran with the story and ESPN confirmed that Phillips would be punished for his trangressions.  Pissed off, feeling his oats, emboldened by his boss, Daulerio hit back hard, emptying his inbox of all those ESPN sexual impropriety emails in full view of the internet reading world.  So what?

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