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And on the third day, he blawged again.

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The New York Times digs into their investigative reporting budget to bring us this very helpful information (with USA TODAY-LIKE INFOGRAPHS!) about the different drinking habits of NYC suburban commuters.  Hey, LJ readers who take the LIRR — do you really drink Foster’s on the way home?! [via VV]


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Happy Friday from Pretentious Palates!  Before you get out there and booze it up for the night (we know you’re supposed to be back in the office on Saturday morning), check out this great slides show of “What Booze Looks Like Under A Microscope“!  You can print these out on the firm’s color printers and post them around your office.  All those summer associate interviewees will think you’re an art aficionado, when really you’re just a degenerate drinker.

Check out the Whiskey in the Jar Petri Dish after the jump.

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In addition to our reputations as profound thinkers and great lovers, lawyers are also known as major boozebags.  Most lawyers left their beer chugging days on the law library steps and now consider themselves connoisseurs of the finest hooch available.  In the grand tradition of giving readers what they want, Legal Jesus will be posting regularly about interesting and pretentious advances in the world of alcohol.  We’ll call it Pretentious Palates!

For our first PP post, we’d like to direct your attention to Popular Science magazine’s report on Pump-Your-Own wine kiosks, currently filling flasks throughout France.  “Dr. Vino” thinks they’ll be in the United States by 2011.  Start saving your empty bottles now!